Computer Skills Training

Typing Skills

Below are links that can help you improve your typing skills:

Learn how to type

Practice your typing skill

MS Office Suite

Below are links to free online training videos for MS Office programs (e.g. Excel, Outlook, Word). Each training video lasts from 15 to 50 minutes and can be taken at your own pace.

MS Excel Training

Introduction to Spreadsheet

Creating Basic Formulas

Security: Protecting your files

How to create a basic chart in Excel 2010

Use Excel tables to manage information

Understanding data at a glance with conditional formatting

Other Intermediate and Advanced MS Excel Training

MS Word Training

Create your first Word document I

Create your first Word document II

Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files

Other Intermediate and Advanced MS Word Training

MS Outlook Training

Mailbox management 1: Use views to stay organized

Mailbox management 2: Instant Search and Search Folders

Mailbox management 3: File your stuff in folders

Outlook Best Practices: How Harry got organized

Tame your Inbox: Organize messages by conversation

Get familiar with the Outlook Calendar

Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010

Use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010

Send Automatic Replies when you’re away

Manage your mail and more with conditional formatting

Save time with templates in Outlook

Other MS Outlook Trainings

MS PowerPoint Training

Create your first PowerPoint 2010 presentation

PowerPoint 2010 tips and tricks

Other MS PowerPoint trainings

MS Access Training

Getting started with Access 2010

Other MS Access Trainings

MS Publisher

Get started designing your own professional publications

Other MS Publisher trainings