Personnel Commissioners

Joint Appointee: Sandra Hernandez, Chair 

Sandra Hernandez is first and foremost a parent of a La Puente High School graduate. She is deeply committed to the success of our students in the district. Sandra brings with her 35 years of experience working in the library at Rio Hondo Community College. She has gained a thorough working knowledge of the California Education Code through her 10-year experience as chapter president of the local California School Employees Association. She is a member of the shared governance structure of Rio Hondo College, ensuring multi-stakeholder representation of the campus community. She is a current Vice President on the Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and a current board member of Labor Community Services of LA. Sandra earned a BA from UC Santa Cruz and lives in La Puente with her son who now attends Cal State LA. Sandra’s 2nd term as Commissioner is effective until November 2024.

Board Appointee: Andrew Tse, Member

Mr. Andrew Tse was appointed to the Personnel Commission as the Board of Education’s appointment in December 2023.

Union Appointee:  Felipe Arellano, Vice Chair

In December 2022, Mr. Felipe Arellano, a graduate from William Workman High School, who currently works with the Los Angeles Unified School District serving in the capacity of School Administrative Assistant, is honored to have been appointed as CSEA appointed Personnel Commissioner. Mr. Arellano looks forward to working close with and in support of the Classified Personnel serving the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District.

Mr. Arellano has been serving at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet with the LAUSD for the last 6 years as the School Administrative Assistant. Mr. Arellano has worked as a School Administrative Assistant with the LAUSD for over 15 years. As a School Administrative Assistant, he is responsible for the supervision of all clerical functions as well as other duties, which includes working directly with administrators, ascertaining every classroom has teachers on a daily basis, departmental budgets and tracking of expenditures & payables; he has lately assisted with plant personnel guidance in the absence of the Plant Manager to name a few.

Mr. Arellano is a strong believer in promoting a welcoming, clean, and safe learning environment for all stake holders. Thus, he has always been supportive of personnel growth in the worksite and includes cross-training within the personnel he supervises to make sure that services at each office within his school site will continue to be provided in the absence of any staff members. Mr. Arellano believes the work Classified Employees perform each day compliment the work Certificated Employees provide so students can be successful in achieving their goals. Mr. Arellano has been part of the School Site Council and School Leadership Council thus continuously working with all stake holders with the goal of providing a welcoming and safe learning environment for all.

As a Personnel Commissioner, Mr. Arellano looks forward to working with the Personnel Commission and brings his experience and knowledge to ascertain the upholding of the Merit System that he, himself, has grown professionally with at LAUSD. As a lifelong learner Mr. Arellano seeks to grow alongside the Classified Personnel in support of all the Classified Staff.

Recognitions: LAUSD Classified Employee of the Year – 2021, LA County Classified Employee of the Year (Clerical and Administrative Services Category) – 2021, LAUSD Exemplary Classified Employee of the Year – 2023.