Examination Process

The following information is provided to assist you in understanding the different steps in the examination process.

After your application has been received:
After your application has been received, it is screened using the “Minimum Qualifications” listed on the job announcement. It is at this time that any “supplemental” questions (if the recruitment required some to be answered) are reviewed. All applicants who have shown that they meet the minimum qualifications will be notified of the date of the first examination part either via standard mail or email. All applicants who have been deemed to not meet the minimum requirements will also be notified of the reason for their disqualification via standard mail or email. All applicants should receive some notification no later than 2 weeks after the closing date posted on the job announcement (also posted online).

Test Parts:
When you receive your notice to test for a position, pay special attention to the type of test you are being invited to.  Typically, an exam will have more than one test part and you may be invited to the second test part if you successfully pass the first test part. You will receive the results of each test part either via mail or email within ten (10) business days of the exam. If you pass the first test part and there are still additional test parts, you will receive all of your scores after the final test part.

The types of test parts you may be invited to participate in are outlined below.
Written Test – This test type is your typical paper and pencil test. This type of exam will contain primarily multiple-choice questions which are related to the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform at a high level in the job for which you have applied. You will take this exam in a room with other candidates who have also met the minimum requirements. Your responses to questions on this exam will be marked on a scantron form.
Technical Project – This test type is more involved than a Written Test. For a Technical Project, you will be asked to answer various questions or perform duties related to the position for which you have applied. An example of a Technical Project would be a more involved Accounting/Budget exam which includes more advanced problem solving and calculations as opposed to answering multiple-choice questions.
Performance Exam – This test type involves performing duties which will be required on the job. This test type can vary greatly. Examples of performance exams are a driving skills test for a Bus Driver or a test using Microsoft Excel for a clerical position.
Structured Interview – This test type is an interview with two panel members who are familiar with the job. These panel members will not be first or second level supervisors of the position for which you have applied. The interview is referred to as a structured interview because every candidate is asked the same exact questions and scored according to the same rating scale.

After the examination is complete:
After the final test part, you will receive your final results, scores, and rank within ten (10) business days. Your final score will be a weighted average of your scores on the individual test parts. Your rank is where your final score ranks in relation to everyone else who also passed all test parts. You will be placed on an eligibility list in rank order.  Typically, the list will be good for one (1) year or six (6) months from the date it is established.

For permanent positions (any regular part-time or full-time job), positions are filled from the top three (3) available ranks. This means the individuals with the top three (3) overall final scores who are willing and able to accept work.  These individuals will be contacted by the Human Resources department in order to set up a final interview with the hiring authority (department making the final hiring decision). If individuals in the top three ranks are not available or willing to accept a position, additional ranks may be certified and be eligible to be hired.

For substitute positions, you only need to pass all parts of the examination in order to be considered.